Why NutraVital?

The products in the NutraVital range support the overall health of your pet with their probiotic and natural ingredients.
The intestine controls the physical and also mental health of your pet. Around 80% of the immune system is found in the intestine. As intestinal flora is not inherent in the body, at times of stress or illness, particularly after a course of antibiotics, the composition of the gut can be radically altered. To ensure the correct functioning of the intestine however, it’s important to maintain the delicate balance of approx. 85% beneficial and only 15% pathogenic microorganisms.

Probiotics are living bacterial cultures which support intestinal function in natural ways. But they don’t just support, they also activate important elements of the immune system located in the intestine that are required to prevent viral and bacterial infections, for example. Probiotics should be taken regularly and on an ongoing basis.

The NutraVital range of probiotic and natural products ensure a strong immune system and a better all-round health for your pet. All products are 100% natural, sustainable and – where possible – manufactured locally.